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The Dominion of the Sun - Moon Guard - RP/PVP

THE DOMINION OF THE SUN SITE HAS MOVED!! Dominion of the Sun has shifted into a new chapter, renamed as The Fireborne.

Please join us at the new location!!
On the Battlefront

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Whether you're new to the guild or an existing member, here is a list of notable additions to the forums to check out:

  • Members are encouraged to submit their creative writing to our Storyboard, and show support by reading each others' work. If you'd like to leave comments or critique, you can do so on the Shout Outs thread!
  • Missed an event? No problem! Field Reports can be referenced to brief yourself on the details of storyline events. Soldiers are free to post their own submissions in order to provide a first-person perspective for our readers!
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